Start Menu 8 Crack Free Download (2022)

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Start Menu 8 Crack Free Download (2022)

Start Menu 8 Crack Free Download (2022)

Start Menu 8 Crack is a customizable desktop tool for most Windows users. It is specifically intended to return the start button and start menu to the operating system. Start Menu 8 enables us to categorize new sets in the beginning menu listing. In addition, users can set any things with each other to have a quick start. Thus, it is a short Start Menu replacement for Windows 8 and 8.1 and a multipurpose menu replacement for Windows 7 and Vista/XP.

Among the many useful features of Start Menu 8 Crack is its extensive collection of customization options, which enable you to customize the menu in any way you want while also changing its appearance and functionality. The software comes with 19 Start button icons to pick from, various shapes, and styles. Also customizable is the Start menu, which offers a choice of two interface styles: the classic Windows style or the modern UI, as well as the ability to change the transparency level, the backdrop color, and text size. In terms of functionality, the program starts with Windows and bypasses the Metro UI, resulting in a boot to the desktop rather than the Start menu.

Start Menu 8 Crack 2022

It allows you to choose the number of programs you want to see on the menu, the number of items that are now active, as well as the power button duties, frequently used apps, and other options. Besides that, you may choose which system features and folders you want the application to display as links from the menu, such as administrative tools and PC settings. You can also define custom hotkeys for quick access to any of these features and folders if you want them to appear on the menu. Additionally, using the right-click menu, you may now pin any applications or folders you wish to the Start Menu, rather than just one.

Since the introduction of Windows 8, there have been vocal complaints of the Modern UI interface on the computer; consequently, software that makes it possible to do away with the new Microsoft interface and have the start menu return has exploded in popularity. The time has come for IObit to “stick” with Start Menu 8, and the least we can say is that the editor isn’t doing so well since the user will be able to select between reverting to the Windows 7 version and converting Metro to a long or high menu with Start Menu 8 at their disposal. The menu will be accessed via a button that the end-user may modify. However, the software does not stop there.

Additionally, it disables all of the Modern UI elements, including the parameter bar and busy corners. Start Menu 8 completely removes any vestiges of the Modern User Interface, transforming Windows 8 into the enhanced Windows 7 computer that so many people have been waiting for. Aside from the option of bypassing the Modern IU, Start Menu 8 provides the ability to customize other aspects of the operating system, such as removing the hot corners and deactivating the sidebar. Several enhancements, such as an improved search feature in the most recent version of Start Menu 8.

Start Menu 8 Crack

Start Menu 8 Crack does have two flaws, but they are not nearly as significant as the advantages, and best of all, it is completely free. The opportunity to create a replacement Start menu and the distinction of being the first developer to sell a Start menu rather than offering it at no cost. Stardock integrated the Start menu to justify the purchase price; everyone recognized this because of the extensive additional functions. If you’re a fan of the Windows 7 Start menu, you’ll adore this. At first sight, the list seems to be almost similar to the one previously used by Microsoft, but it is much better upon closer inspection.

In addition to functional and aesthetic options, Stardock has included many customization options that enable users to alter the look and purpose of the menu drastically. But, on the other hand, customization is not a hassle since the app has a straightforward, simple-to-use options menu.
On the other hand, Start’s steadfast devotion to the classic Start menu may be a source of vulnerability. In addition, users will have difficulty navigating the interface because certain interface components are too tiny to be consistently activated by touch. We found that the new “Windows 8 design” menu item was clumsy and unstable and recommended that you avoid using it. Users that use communication will have to rely on Start Menu for the time being, at least until StarDock releases a few more updates.

Start Menu 8 Crack 2022

Installing Start Menu 8 restores access to your Windows 8/8.1 computer’s start button and start menu. Thus, it may be used in the conventional Start menu in Windows 7, Vista, and XP because it installs automatically within a short time. For instance, the Applications menu makes it simple to access Documents, Pictures, Music & Videos, and Games & Computer. In addition, there is a Start menu pin tool included and a list of all presently installed programs. Additionally, you may add programs to the Start menu by dragging and dropping them onto the Start button’s icon, and you can organize your apps using custom groups.

You may research and initiate a shutdown session (e.g., shut down, restart, log off, switch user). Choose from a variety of Start button icons (e.g., Classic, Metro, Windows 7, Minimal, or Smile) and customize the appearance of the Start menu in Start Menu 8 by selecting a Windows or Modern style. 8. in Windows mode, you may adjust the menu’s transparency. For example, you can adjust the size of the Start Screen that displays. When you utilize the Start Menu, you may customize the number of utilities and frequently used items that appear, highlight newly installed tools, and add hotkeys. Additionally, you may set the program to start automatically when Windows starts.

Use your Windows Account photo, a custom image, or conceal it entirely in Start Menu 8, and you may also customize the Start menu font size and backdrop color to fit your system style. Additionally, Start Menu 8 lets you utilize your Windows Account picture, a custom image, or conceal it entirely. If you’re not a fan of Windows 8’s new Modern UI, you can fully disable it by choosing Disable Modern UI in Settings > Appearance > User Interface. With Start Menu 8 Crack, novices and experts can easily enhance their system’s functionality and appearance.

The Most Important Features of Iobit Start Menu 8

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Desktop customization utility program is available for download.
  • It necessitates fewer system resources.
  • If you choose not to use the “Utilize the Timeless design Start Menu” option, you will be presented with the Windows 8 Start Screen in tiny mode when you click on the Start ORB button.
  • This option can disable Windows 8 hot corners such as the Start button thumbnail, the App Switcher, and the Charms Bar.
  • By selecting the “Display Full display Metro Start Menu” option, the Start ORB launches the default Start Screen in full display mode rather than presenting it in a mini-style as it would otherwise.
  • Start Menu 8 Crack will create the Start Screen in tiny mode if the “In small mode defaults to programs page” option is disabled. However, the page will not be shown if this option is disabled. Instead, the regular Start Screen with live tiles will be displayed in its place.
  • When you tap on the WIN key, you will be able to access the default Metro Start Screen, shown in full-screen mode.
  • By selecting the third option, “Pick a new Start Button picture,” you may change the appearance of the Start Menu. Using the first two options, you can modify the arrival of the Start Menu.

How to Crack Start Menu 8?

  1. First, download Start Menu 8 Crack from the given link or button.
  2. Turn off the Virus Guard.
  3. Then extract the rar file. (Use Winrar or Winzip to extract).
  4. Install the setup, after install close it from everywhere (also from Task Manager).
  5. Open the “Start Menu 8 Crack” or “Patch” folder,
  6. Copy and paste the patch into the installation folder and apply it.
  7. All done, enjoy.

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